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DIY Restreaming Server

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Want to stream to several websites at once? Here’s how to set up your own streaming server that will copy your RTMP stream and send it to several streaming services at the same time.

RTMP Module:

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  1. RADStreams says

    Restream is terrible. Their added lag is awful.

  2. Vanjul Christian says

    I love the way when he's saying "oh come on twitch come on, you can do it",, hope that twitch do this like doggy lul

  3. Allen Edwards says

    can you put that link for your discount in the description or comments please

  4. Allen Edwards says

    "./configure –add-module=/root/nginx-rtmp-module" this is not working i get an error that says "./configure: error C compiler cc is not found"

  5. Gadget Pilipinas says

    Hi Jacob. Your tutorial works. Thanks a lot for this. I've got a concern though. Whenever I try going live on Facebook using their provided RTMP, it just displays a black screen. Are there any dependencies needed to be installed? Thanks!

  6. calvin malden says

    Do you have a video on how to do this setup in windows? i have two pcs that i'm trying to have my gaming pc send the gaming info to the stream pc and the stream pc does all the heavy encoding and freeing up my gaming pc from the obs resources that bog my system down while playing.

  7. TBGameDesign says

    Do you think you could come up with a method for teachers to use for students in the classroom? Perhaps something they could setup privately? in house? What would the students in the classroom or on campus use to watch the videos?

  8. Wogel Gaming says

    Hi Jacob!
    Impressive explaining and flow troughout the video!

    I've been on and off with this rtmp thing for a while (Windows.OBS to -> Linux.VLC)
    The Nginx page is showing on the linux pc, still for some reason when I hit start streaming, 15 seconds later I get a message it can't connect. watched loads of tutorials, and everyone seem to do the same thing, which makes me even more confused why this thing is not able to connect to the nginx rtmp server on my 2nd pc.
    Streaming is no new thing to me but linux and rtmp indeed is a pretty fresh subject for me, hope my explanation makes any sense! 🙂

  9. Jeroen Klaver says

    ctrl + k in Nano deletes the whole line. Is much faster 🙂

  10. scifijunk says

    How would you see chat? The only app I see for chatting is the Restream Chat app.

  11. Walker says

    Man… All I have wanted to do was create a stream where my bud in another city, streams his webcam/game to a server, I do the same, OBS then combines all the stuff and sends it out to our respective channels. This seems like the way to do it, but I am so lost where to start. I guess we will have to stick to the Google Hangouts/Skype system I've worked out. 🙁

  12. Claudio Cohen says

    Very interesting video. I was wondering if you can do something similar to this. Internet connection on venues sites are a problem. Idea is to have a server that you can connect via RTMP, and then this server will connect to Facebook or any other service. If your local connection drops, the system will detect no video input and put an image or pre recorder video and wont stop steaming to Facebook. Once your local connection is back, it will switch back to that feed. thanks

  13. Pant vas says

    use openvpn to make you stream privet

  14. theLMGN says

    Help! I get

    PS C:nginx> .nginx.exe
    nginx: [emerg] "push" directive unsuppored parameter in C:nginx/conf/nginx.conf:32

    my config is:
    push rtmp://ingest-lon.mixer.com:1935/beam/streamkey
    push rtmp://a.rtmp.youtube.com/live2/streamkey;
    push rtmp://live-lhr.twitch.tv/app/streamkey;

  15. great thx

  16. CATCODER PHP says

    I have my own streaming server with nginx but I have problems with the rate on my player

  17. Jonathan Cruz says

    Where I can get the OS that you are using?

  18. Matt Hardwick says

    great video – but would have been more helpful if you zoomed in or used a larger font on your terminal.

  19. tekAura says

    Have you ever tried doing this on c9.io?

  20. Roku Live TV says

    How can I convert or save the RTMP link from my devise to a M3U8 link?


  21. Alexander Khuda says

    or you can use Restream.io

  22. Ahmed Hamdan says

    what is the name of KDE distro you are using?

  23. john doe says

    how do iptv works ?

  24. Soufian B says

    THanks for this man. Hope u won the GTX 😉
    Mean while. Is this possible to use for restreaming a m3u playlist?
    I want to restream my IPTV subscription to my two other tv monitors in my apartment. Any simple idea todo this?

  25. Daily Rap Show says

    I just wanted to say that I love you for this. You have no idea.

  26. leonel saavedra says

    Wrong u exMPLIN how to push, but u for get the origin I know you origin is from OBS but in your config there is configuration from your OBS setup???? Where is that Local IP that u pushing from OBS , if is a video u need to tell OBS to send video to same folder where live directory is…..

  27. Jonathan Moore says

    I actually did this in 2015! I used NGINX RTMP module and when it started to stream it activated php files that would run an ffmpeg command that sent the video to different sources. Since that was done in a php file I could use variables in the ffmpeg command.

  28. Armando Calderón says


  29. Mohammad Hussein says

    Thanks for a great tutorial. Can I use this method to restream live cable channels to my website?

  30. IrishDevill says

    quick question mate iv followed your steps but nginx wont start its launches for a second in taskmanger than goes away ? great video btw as always

  31. Doc's World says

    Nice clickbait title – This video was brought to you by the creators of Restream.io.…..

  32. Caleb Quick says

    does anyone know how to setup a delay with NGINX?

    For example if my internet connection went out for a couple second, NGINX would keep the stream alive for say.. 30 seconds before completely closing the connection?

  33. Chris Mcdonnell says

    Having an issue with the Make command, "make: * No rule to make target "build" , needed by "default". Stop"
    Not really sure where to go from here, I've noticed that some of the directories were not found when adding the rtmp module. I've followed everything up to that point with a fine tooth comb. Cloning the Git directory etc…
    Any ideas?
    Thank you 🙂

  34. matt joseph says

    Can we live stream pre-recorded videos on the nginx rtmp module?

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