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Per your request, this is Episode 1 of the best paid IPTV services to help you cut the cord!! Set TV Now has the premium channels: HBO, Starz, Cinemax, and PPV. It also has the sports packages: NBA TV, NFL, MLB, ESPN. You have to check this out!!

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  1. James Horkan says

    Triple M please continue to review Paid IPTV… listen man I have been using Fears TV for 3 months. I can't find one better. Check it out. I had Cadets TV for awhile but this blows it away!! Thanks for all u do bro!!

  2. Dedstik says

    Thanks Tripple M. I like Set, but I am learning that there are a lot of IPTV services to choose from so I appreciate the fact that you'll be doing these reviews.

  3. Emerson Siapo says

    Can i get Set Tv on an android tv box?

  4. Milagros Mendez says

    great option cable is so expensive .liked and shared tfs.

  5. JoAnn Ellison says

    Had SetTV for two months, and was a problem the whole time. Buffering, freezing and No video Input on the most popular channels, will not be going back with them next month.

  6. JoAnn Ellison says

    SET TV NOW that you're showing is not what I'm using. Are you using their box? I think you get better service with their box plus other features.

  7. David Gorman says

    Great video Triple!! Cant wait for the next episode, i been waiting for you to do something like this regarding iptv services! Your opinion is definitely one i listen too

  8. Tre Barzinjee says

    Set TV is good but have you noticed some of the channels say they're playing this or that but that's not what's playing on the channel!?

  9. dammdeze says

    Thanks TM I'm looking forward to the upcoming reviews. I'm learning alot man, appreciate the education.

  10. John Chanaca says

    Do you need to use a VPN with this… Review Gears TV and Players Klub

  11. NiteVibe says

    Please add the following paid IPTV services to your review list:

    *Gears TV
    *Goodfellas TV
    *Xtreme LEDTV
    *Vader Streams
    *Nitro TV
    *The Players Klub

    I'm trying to decide between the top 4 listed.

  12. arvind padhiar says

    I am looking for service, that cost about 10$ canadian; so i can sell my tv box with paid tv … If you know any let me know.thanks

  13. Michael Smith says

    This IPV service is a scam!!!!

  14. Jim Taube says

    Set tv is good but not for me. I need one that will let my 3 devices play in different locations. 1 for me, 1 for my daughter away in college, & one for my son also away in college. This service wants all devices to be used in same locations. When you find one that will work in different locations on different channels at same time PLEASE let me know!

  15. Gwop J says

    Gears next

  16. ElGuappo 818 says

    Hello Triple M, can I watch the Canelo fight on here in September 16 ?

  17. Triple M says


    SIGN UP FOR YOU FREE 3 DAY TRIAL: https://tinyurl.com/ydyhykyq


    Best VPN for Kodi. Works on your Android box, Amazon Firestick, PC, Mac, Linux box and more: http://tinyurl.com/lp7rdgz

  18. Ca Sav says

    Please add the following paid IPTV services to your review list: *Gears TV *Goodfellas TV *Xtreme LEDTV *Vader Streams *Nitro TV *The Players Klub I'm trying to decide between the top 4 listed.

  19. hoppy01003 says

    Does it have NFL Redzone?

  20. hoppy01003 says


  21. Mister X says

    Does it have OWN & CENTRIC channel?

  22. Garrell Freeman says

    about the best thing i can say about them is the 3 day free trial. try it and see for yourself. epg is terrible

  23. Allen Thomas says

    How do I get this?

  24. bobby roode215 says

    do i need use vpn while streaming or nah and can i watxh whole seasons of good times sanford and son etc etc

  25. Christopher Colon says

    This is set TV have been havin lot of problems with them had a person curse me out that I asked for help from their service department I got one more month of my 6 months and I'm getting rid of them if you know anybody that wants to buy 2 of the boxes that I paid $85 each for I'm gonna get rid of them

  26. yulog says

    Their chat service is non existent, and on their face book page they disable all posts so that no one can see all the complaints (this is not a good sign)

  27. Yule Jandreau says

    I have been using this VPN service “fetching zonet com” (Google it) for 3+ years now and I love this VPN service! After acquiring an Amazon gift card, I subscribed to the service for One year. You need to simply get on home page to obtain the code. 110% works. You could easily disconnect and reconnect to another location.

  28. David Fearon says

    This iptv service I think is designed for android phone, its very poor quality for a 40inch screen

  29. Sarah Barker says

    I think you are awesome Triple M! That being said, I'm sure you've heard majority of the channels on Set Tv don't work & will never work all at once & that 30-60 days adding 1000 ?? the old saying if something sounds is too good to be true it's probably bs applies to Set Tv – not triple m fault though ☺️

  30. Miekko says

    I'm trying the service. so far, I haven't had any problems in 24hours. the HD channels show really great on my 4k 49in tv. I'm more interested in the ondemand though. so its working for me with the 3 day trial.

  31. Timothy Kieper says

    Works as advertised, but the Android interface needs some work ! Channel guide hard to use; No categories, No search, Can not enter a program number manually. Tab through 5oo channels manually ( one by one ) ??????

    Actually easier to run off your computer, then stream to your TV

  32. Chris Zuniga says

    So what is the best? Gears? Set? Goodfellas?? I need to know now lol.

  33. doopledenger says

    i just try the trials still stuttering and buffering and no sky sports channel what a bummer. please review players klub!

  34. Brian Atkinson says

    You should talk about nitro tv next

  35. Warren Jackson says

    I've got SETV & YouTube TV love them both….who else is a good service….what do you know about ATT and Comcast trying 2 kill IPTV?….Thanks

  36. Glockz40 says

    Streamcenter tv is worth checking out. It has sports, premium channels etc. All in hd and no buffering. It's been a great service imo. $15 for a month, $39 for 3 months, and $75 for 6 months

  37. Hell yeah says

    I can not find the Big Ten Network (BTN) for free. If i find this i can cut the cord. Any suggestions? By the way u do an excellent job! Thank u!

  38. jason lee says

    Set tv rocks bro, no other IPTv beats set tv

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