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great free iptv add-on on kodi, bringing you all the channels from the uk and /usa, works on kodi 17.6 and is also available on kodi 17 – kodi 18 and maybe xbox one

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This is the Doc Squiffy Channel. “FREE TV ,FREE MOVIES FREE, LIVE SPORTS” This channel is to show you KODI XBMC IPTV ADDONS and GUIDES.

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  1. lurch says

    Doesn't work.

  2. John Carney says

    Got it an so far so good thks #topman

  3. ryanleefoulkes says

    Top class, keep up the good work

  4. patrick cadette says

    Thanks doc..???

  5. MarkMCFC 10 says

    Will this work on Xbox one?

  6. STOOGEMAN7 says

    This is a really good one I’m hoping it lasts ,,less try to keep this one between us I hope not too many people installing because that’s when They start not working but definitely great video thanks Doc

  7. Kodi Best Build says

    Wish it keeps working ♥

  8. J H says

    Thanks Doc, works great on uk sports ,thanks for all your good work

  9. Leroy Powell says

    Doc Squiffy a big thank you. This up tv is excellent and works a dream. Top man keep them coming ?

  10. Kenny Converso says

    A lot of the sports channels have zero sound during the broadcast, the movies have been ok ? Anyway to fix the no sound issue ? The NHL games all have no sound . Anyone else having issues?

  11. darren keen says

    Crashes everytime for me already have maverick installed

  12. Errol Romero says

    Need help. It buffers a lot. Any way to fix the buffering? I am on 100mb on fire stick.

  13. Krayzzie Beatz says

    Thank you

  14. Alfred Griffin says

    thanks for another great addon DOC

  15. Derrick Holcombe says

    OWN, MSNBC, NBC, Comedy Central no sound

  16. Arun Raj says

    Guys I am getting."couldnt retrieve directory" error. Please help me

  17. john stamford says

    added the source. And elite. But getting couldn’t. Retrieve directory. Information this could be due to network not being connected any ideas

  18. PROJECT KODI says

    well thats the fastest addon that has gone . get no directory , reckon its down already squiffy

  19. Perry Simpson says

    Another free iptv that doesn’t work

  20. Harry B'stard says

    Cannot even connect to the network server

  21. jdvjohnny says

    Thanks for the video Doc I see there's only one channel for us Sports what's up with that do you know if they're going to add more USA channels for sports

  22. EliteIPTV Hosting says

    Hope your all enjoying the addon guys , we see you 🙂 Eliteiptv Hosting Owner

  23. corey pickard says

    lovely Doc thanks

  24. Dave O'Mahony says

    Works brilliant Doc Squiffy. Thanks I refer to your channel and app for all tv box updates

  25. Phillip Gray says

    Was watching it fine last night but tonight I and getting is We Failed with error code 404 , is anybody else having trouble watching the iptv

  26. Sondra says

    I'm no longer receiving your notifications either.

  27. Andrew Dickson says

    Hi Doc, not quire sure what the problem is but channels would not load for me despite having F4M and URL Resolver ?

  28. zmashy says

    Doc I added Maverick and already had 4fm but error code keeps popping up. Why is this?

  29. Marco Teixeira says

    Hi I'm. Your subscriber and I get the 404 error.. All the time did all the steps. But can't get this working!! Any tip?

  30. doddie isaac says

    doc what shall i do if on sports it say error 404

  31. doddie isaac says

    its on elite iptv

  32. jaimeb1959 says

    Doesn’t work. Get an error message to check the log. Don’t know where that is.

  33. Guillermo Fiorillo says

    when I recently installed it, the Elite IPTV section worked, after a while it started with the error "We failed with error code 404", said section and continues like this

  34. Andre Brousseau says

    Amazing quality!
    Thanks you are the best!

  35. Zvi Weiss says

    The US channels don't work, mate.

  36. Ronnie lipman says


  37. Tony M says

    Thanks Doc. Added Maverick, F4M and Elite. Any fix for the "no sound" issue on some USA Stations like CNN and FOX? Thanks

  38. laurence eldridge says

    Great thanks

  39. #highland profile says

    WOW ! Thanks Doc…not techy by any means, but i followed & there were a couple of hitches [ at my end…with my Kodi ] but now up & running !!! Folks, if I can do it, anyone can. Glad I found you Doc, Subed & keep us all up to date Sir….Thank You

  40. mbros91 says

    Im canot instaled!!!!!

  41. EggyBum 69 says

    Says "unable to find source do you want to add it anyway?"

  42. Greg Flynn says

    hey i typed the source just like in the video but it give ma and error please help

  43. EliteIPTV Hosting says

    We have a updated addon guys , please use the new source :


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