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Amazing Frog – FROG POLICE – Part 35



No jaywalking! Oh my goodness, dude, we got a criminal! Okay, let’s chase him! Let’s get ’em! Hey, what’s up guys, welcome back to the Amazing Frog. Today is gonna to be a lot of fun. Last video we were getting chased by the cops, we were getting beat up by criminals, today’s going to be a lot better. so I was reading through the comments of the last video and you guys were telling me the jail is We’re gonna scope this out We’re gonna take out some criminals today And… If we’re going to be doing that we gotta look the part So here we go, check this out So this is the jail And looks like we already got someone guarding the prisoners There’s no prisoners in there dude What are you doing?! Okay. Dude, what is this? Ohh, sorry dude. Dude, look at that. Oh wow. Oh wow, everything is like super contrasty Wow. Okay So that kinda affects the colors, dude that’s weird. Okay, let’s take the helmet off But guys we gotta look apart, so check this out If we go in this portapotty We can change *gasps* oh man Dude, oh, it almost threw me in the prison I’m stuck, i’m stuck Get me outta here.

I’m stuck in the prison, get me outta here Hey, buddy, little help here please? He’s just standing there, can’t he see I’m – I need help? *laughs* Look at that. Dude, my ankle is broken. Okay, okay. We’re stuck. Let’s – I can’t farm my way out, let’s do this stuck app. Okay, we’re fixed, we’re fixed. Dude, this frog is looking sweet! Okay, you can call me… Agent Pun.

It’s short for Pungence Now that I got my police outfit on, it’s time to take out the trash. All right took out the trash, now what are we gonna do? Oh wow, look at this! Dude, it’s uh, it’s a controller I think it says,”Ohhya” Okay, so “Ohhya” I think that’s uh a gaming console Is this considered trash? Holy crap, 20 points, okay. So apparently the “Ohhya” controller is trash Alright so that’s not the trash i’m taking about. We gotta take out some criminals Now, if we’re gonna do that, we need some weapons So let’s turn on the guns. Yeah, what’s gonna be our weapon of choice We could do like – OH, sniper That’s it.

Dude, this sniper okay. With the sniper and what’s gonna be our backup weapon? Rocket Launcher We only have one rocket So, we’re gonna have to make it count Let’s have the rocket launcher be our backup Look at this dude! You do not wanna mess with Agent Pun Okay, so before we go searching for criminals, I do, I did wanna look at some more of these uh.. animations that we can do. So there are a lot of animations, so I’m thinkin’ maybe each video we can go through a few and eventually we’ll get through all of ’em So.. what’s this one “What’s up” It’s not uh, okay.

Sadness, Facedown. Okay, let’s look at foot down. Hehe, there’s like no way Ahhh, come on, I’m walkin’ here. Okay, that’s good. It wasn’t me, normal no Okay, Ohh, that’s like covering up a fart Okay, what else we got. Proclaim, raises hand. Okay, bring it. OH yes! We’re gonna need that one today. So we’ll equip bring it and I wanna look at one more of the break dancing one cause their’s some really cool dancing animations Okay, let’s do this one. Spin like a boss Dude, what is he doing?! Just spinnin’ in circles Okay, okay, so let’s – OH there’s our Pungence friend Yes! Hey, what’s up, dude? What’s up? Hey, hey, stop in the name of the law! Haha, Dude, I love it! I love your shirt.

See ya later, man! Okay, okay, so let’s equip the bring it emote And we should be good to go. Alright we got out trusty Steve Pig Newton Dude, look at this. Criminals are in trouble Alright so let’s do some patrollin’ Let’s, let’s take a look around Swindon, see if there’s any criminal activity. And we’re gonna take em’ down! Hey you! Don’t walk on the grass, okay?.


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