Kodi IPTV Service Providers
  1. Tri Tran says

    Working greate for me now. Thank for vip. Keep up good work

  2. Chino107 Gonz says

    Great keep up the good work Mitch.

  3. hoppy01003 says

    Tried everyone Mitch did, and others……………….not one worked.

  4. Real Gagne says

    The biggest problem I have with Kodi Crypton is not being able to get Made in Canada, Pro Sports NHL, and channels like TSN, RDS, all the Fox Sports to work. ANY SUGGESTIONS? NHL Hockey is what I like, and can't get.

  5. Marissawv 197837 says

    My biggest problem is playing the wrong links one day theyre playing right the next theyre not. I am on a new firestick now and its doing it too. Got any good links itll pick up right on?

  6. Larry Brian says

    Mitch, Is there a new repo or update for Nemesis/Stream Army repo. I can't open Nemesis add-on ???

  7. Mauro Rampichini says

    It fails to install, the message says no dependancies on script whatever that means, it sounds like double dutch to me HELP!!!!

  8. Lars Lindberg says

    sorry M non that i tested work

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