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6540 World Live IPTV Channels, PVR Simple IPTV Client, kodi 21 August 2017

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6540 World Live IPTV Channels, PVR Simple IPTV Client, kodi 21 August 2017
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  1. T-Soln says

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  2. Andrew Christie says

    question I don't got a credit card can I use my debit card to get the ipn vanish?

  3. mohamed akoudad says

    It dont work by me

  4. mohamed akoudad says

    You have to Pay for it

  5. bert ernie says

    Why do the streams only play for 15 seconds or less and then it kicks me out?

  6. Kevin Dellinger says

    I loaded the channels, no audio….I played 25-30 different channels and not one has audio. Any advice? Play-ability length is ok, just no sound

  7. Abd Choukri says

    thank u

  8. Brandon Jones says

    once i do this where do i find the channels at

  9. GenosPerformer says

    They all seem to be German audio???

  10. Ahmed Ezzat says

    working fine but only few from arabic channels…do u have another links that work perfect and stable tnx

  11. preetham gurumurthy says

    Hi while watching the live tv in pvr client it throws out after few seconds. how to resolve this. Pls help me

  12. Fernando Rios says

    Hi, It do not work. Could it be deleted from KODI or do I need to do a fresh start? Thank for your videos.

  13. Roger T Silva says

    Please help. It only plays the channels for about 30 seconds than stops. Do you have any suggestion on how to solve this problem?

  14. joanna lynn says

    yes i got it…thank you…you are the best!!

  15. joanna lynn says

    there is no sound how do i fix this…help please

  16. Nurudin khadar says

    How I get this things. And where to buy it ?

  17. Little R says

    The channels keeps going off after some few seconds how do I fix this

  18. T-Soln says

    Offer: Take 50% off a 1-year IPVanish VPN® plan
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  19. Cagey Burnell says

    how many channels???

  20. Cagey Burnell says

    instructions start at 3.00

  21. xeniteas weras says

    Hast was von Griechische TV..Danke!!..Thenks!!

  22. xeniteas weras says

    Hast was von Griechische TV..Danke!!

  23. T-Soln says

    Offers: 30% off the annual IPVanish plan till 30 September 2017
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  24. Surender Singh says

    Thanks for your nice video. I have one question i have a kodi light build and i have download your ch but in that build i did not see any iptv section where i can watch your loaded ch. i know in simple kodi you you can find easily but in that build i can not see iptv section . please help me to find or watch your downloaded ch.

  25. T-Soln says

    Channel Kick out in 15 to 20 Sec, Fixed

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