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Hey guys this is Larry welcome back to today I feel like calm today I want to show you guys a great new IPTV service that’s gonna work on your Roku’s this is gonna give you more than five thousand channels from all over the world from more than 20 different countries and multiple languages including video on-demand let’s go check them out alright you guys let’s jump right in here and let me show you guys how you can get fifty seven hundred plus IP TV channels on your Roku that is right over 5700 IP TV channels on your Roku let me show you guys how to get it now I’m gonna show you guys what it looks like first and then I’ll show you guys how to set it up so let’s come here and I’m gonna go up to this right here this channel called m3u playlist player you’re gonna need to get this this it’s not an app really on Roku it’s a they’re called channels so you’ll need to get this m3u playlist player and we’re gonna go ahead and open this up now I already have it set up on mine so I can show you guys what it looks like and then we will then I’ll show you how to get it set up on yours so this is called IPTV sensation IPTV sensation is a IPTV service but we’re gonna go ahead and click that to load it up it’ll say loading now the one thing I want you guys to understand if you do this yourself is that because there are so many channels and they have it broken up into so many different categories that it may take a while for this to load up the first time I did this it took about five minutes or so for it actually to to load up and to finally finally show all the channels so you just have to be patient and you’ll see there it’ll show you how many channels like it’ll show this first line is has four channels on it and it showed that it has a total of fifty seven hundred and sixty-two channels so we can go ahead and just scroll through and you’ll see you’ll notice as you go through there that it’ll say like Italy on there it will have different channels indicators letting you know for instance what country or what language it is but you can scroll through and check out all these different channels that are available and it’ll just keep going and going and going and when you stop you’ll see there it shows you all on like 124 of 57 and 62 so this is a this is a very long way to go through and check out channels because there are just so many different types of channels on here the the faster way is to just go back here and then you can go through and each folder is a category so you can go and check which ones that you want to watch if you see some of these different ones that say like action-adventure these are videos on demand these are channels that have video on demand and they’re broken out into categories so if you click on the one that says action there and it’ll start to load and then you’ll see there that the movies will start to load up and you’ll have the movies listed there now some of the movies the the posters may not come through you can go ahead and click on them still and you’ll see there it’ll show that it’ll the different formats that it’ll play so you can click on that to load up the movie it’ll say retrieving it’ll take just a few moments for this to load up there and then once it does the movie will start to load up just like that and there you go it’s it’s it’s rolling through and you can actually fast-forward a bit on here if you like so we’ll just go ahead and fast forward a few a few minutes and we’ll hit the play button there to get this back going again and there we go just like that the movie loads up and starts to play so we’ll go ahead and back out of that for the meantime and I just want to show you some of the other sections here so you know you can scroll through to see some of the other movies on demand sections and then just you’ll notice here you’ll start getting to more live channels like being sports and Belgium is just a channel you know it’s just a different category so we’re just gonna scroll to I’m gonna actually get over here to where it says or it says USA and the UK at that very very end we can just hold this and keep scrolling all the way to the end of the list and we’ll get there in a moment alright so there we go so we’ll click on the USA there and it’ll start to load up it’ll take just a moment and there we go and now we can we can scroll through and USA channels and if we want to watch something we can just come and click on it to to start watching a program and when we click on the play button it’ll start to load up there it’ll take just a moment for it to retrieve the channel and load it up and there you go just like that boom it loads up and the movie is playing and you’re able to start and join it so let’s back out of this and just scroll down just want to show you there’s lots and lots of channels in here you have news channels you have you know there’s some religious channels cooking channels children’s channels there are entertainment channels yours have more sports channels there are premium channels like HBO and Showtime and Stars and you have NBA channel in a failed channel you have the red zone if you’re into that for football you have the packed the pac-12 channels in there PBS I mean there’s a ton of stuff in here stars encores Sundance I mean you just have a ton of channels there’s a lot of good stuff in there so let’s go back here and we’ll go to the UK I like the UK channels also because they have a lot of good stuff it’s in English so it works for me and they have a lot of the same content that they do in the u.s.

They just have it on different channels but they do have good stuff like Sky Sports and you know they have channel 5 channel for the BBC stuff they have box nation all the BT sports if you guys are ever looking for a UFC pay-per-view the UFC pay-per-view Zaire on BT sports and so you can get them there for free there’s just I mean there’s just so much wonderful stuff here they have movie channels as well like they have the sky movie channels whereas we have HBO and Showtime they have sky and and they have the Sony movie channel but the sky premiere and Sky Movies that’s what you’re gonna find a lot of your premium movie channels there and to watch something you just you know they have the sky sports channels as well but if you want to watch something on here you just come to like Sky click the I’m going to try the action-adventure channel there and just click play and there you go it’ll load up start to load up the content and play when they have a movie on there so that’s that there’s lots of different channels on here and you can load up either by category here which will show all the different folders or you can load up with using the playlist just the the first playlist err where it says my playlists it’ll load everything onto one big massive list you can also save savory favorites on there so if you have a favorite so let’s say you go to the my playlist and load that up so let’s say you want to watch this first channel here this Ray one I don’t not sure how that clown suit ray or Rai so let’s say you want to watch that we just click on that to load up the channel we’ll click it again to play and we’ll it will start to retrieve the channel and load it up and there you go it will load right on up and you can start watching it right away so it’s really it’s really easy to use and whichever way you want to either with the whole my playlist channel thing or with or with the individual sections and again if you were to click on the my channels and load it up you can actually decide to save this to a favorites so you can click the little star button on your remote there and this will bring open a actually let me see you can hit the ok button on there and then you can come down and click add to favorites and that will actually add it to your favorites that way you don’t have to scroll through so many channels to find the ones that you really want to watch so if you know you like for instance CNN or ESPN or something like that you can just find when you find your channel you can click add to favorites in that way it will always show up in your favorites folder right over here on your favorites screen so that way you don’t have to search for those favorite channels so let me show you guys how to get this set up here it’s very easy but let me show you guys how to get this going alright so we saw how the service worked let’s go ahead and I’ll show you guys where to get it and then how to set it up so first thing we want to do is come to this website right here now I will leave a link for it in the video description but you want to go ahead and click this exactly so that you get to the right place so let’s go ahead and click on that there and now it’s going to take you to this website here it’s gonna give you some information about it it’s gonna tell you you know that some of the channels that are available you know here it’s gonna show you how many channels it’s gonna give you some pricing information now understand when you see this it’s gonna show this in pounds don’t be freaked out by that it will actually convert to dollars when you click on the order now section so for instance if we come to the basic package and you notice there’s three different ones basic premium and gold if we click on any of them let’s say we click the basic package here it shows 15 pounds a month it’s going to convert it to dollars which is 1765 a month so you’ll see right there it’s only gonna cost you 1765 a month it’s gonna give you 5000 plus channels of IPTV so it’s gonna give you channels from all over the world you’re gonna get stuff from just about every continent you’re gonna have stuff in all kinds of languages and you can click the channel list here to see what there’s available so you’ll see here you’ll they’ll break it out into sometimes in language sometimes in continent like Africa they have the whole continent they have sports section like being sports they have languages like like Arabic they also have it broken out by countries they have an adult section you’ll see some some other stuff that’s broken out by Latino content you’ll see you know stuff here that says Portuguese and then you have you know like the UK in the US so if you want to see some ones available you can click on the US for instance and then it will start to show you some of the channels that are available and you can scroll down and you can see all the stuff that’s available in this one particular section but there’s a lot of content so I’m not going to go through all of it but there’s a lot of content in there and you can do the same thing for each of these sections to show which which channels are available for that particular section but there’s lots and lots of channels available in each and every one of these sections there so in order to sign up you just simply select the package that you want so we’ll just come here under order now and we’ll just actually click the order now page and from the order now page you’re going to see that there is actually a few other connections or a few other options that you can choose from they have a 24 hour one-day pass which is kind of like a test fast so if you just want to check it on your devices to make sure things are working you can try it there they do have a one-hour pass that’s free but often times it’s a little difficult to find out if everything is working right in just an hour so they do have the one-day pass but the basic one we’re gonna click this here and you’ll see that they have other ones like the platinum gold you know this premium one here which is quarterly so we’ll just click on this here the order now again it’s gonna take us this is gonna show us the annual package right there you don’t have to get the annual package again you can always go and just get the straight monthly package and when you’re ready to sign up you just go ahead and click on continue and follow through the process of signing up you’ll need to put in your your payment information your name and address and all that good stuff and then you can either choose to pay by PayPal or you can pay by by Bitcoin or cryptocurrency and if you have any promotional codes you can put that in there I will leave a promotional code for you guys in the video description that’ll give you a little bit off of the monthly service now once you are signed up and you’ve paid it’s going to send you you’re gonna get an email they’re gonna send you an email and it’s gonna look something like this here now once you get the email it’s going to have your username and your password in there that you can use if you’re signing in with their app because they actually have an APK that you can use so if you have an android device as well for instance if you have your Roku and then you also have an Android phone you can use this to install the app but what we’re going to use for the for the Roku device we’re actually going to use the m3u channel list here so this is the m3u channel list we want to go ahead and just simply copy this down and you can do it one of two ways the way that I have done which I’m going to show you guys here which is the easiest is simply to use this from your phone or tablet if you have the Roku app is just copy this and then from the Roku app just go ahead and paste it into the into the dialogue box when it comes up on your screen or just make sure that you copy this exactly down exactly as it is into the dialogue box on your Roku so let’s head over to the Roku now and show you guys how to actually get the app set up so from this main page here what we’re gonna do is we’re going to come up here to where it says new playlist we’re gonna go ahead now and click on new playlist and from here we’re gonna give the playlist a name so you can either do one of two things you can either manually type it in by just going through and henpeck in it and we can call it something like you know IP you know we can call it IP TV test if we want to call it something like that or just IP TV we’ll call it IP TV – and then you can come down here and click Next and now you need to put in the m3u URL this is the this is the address that we received in our email so in order to get this in there this is usually a long address that’s case sensitive and has numbers and whatnot what I recommend is actually from your mobile phone or tablet getting the Roku app and then actually just copying it and pasting it into the Roku app so that you can get it on there so let me show you what that’s gonna look like so from the Roku app what you want to do is just click on the remote tab so that it opens up the remote and when you do it’s going to open up a dialog box in there so that you can actually start typing in here and what you can do is just copy the URL that m3u URL from your email into this dialog box and just select paste and it’s going to paste your entire m3u playlist right into this and right into this dialogue box so you don’t have to type out everything and then from here you can just simply scroll down and click on save and now you will have your playlist saved and you’ll see it says closed and then in order to get this to show up you just simply click the back button again to get out of the app or get out of the Channel excuse me and then go back into the m3u playlist player and now the player is going to open up and you you can now see that you have your IPTV to playlist there and now you just need to click OK and we’ll start to load up and again it’s gonna take a few minutes for this to load up so you have to be patient when it loads but that’s it that is how you can get over 5700 IPTV channels including live TV from all over the world and thousands of video on demand TV shows and movies and all sorts of different languages and content from all different types of countries alright you guys so that was it that is IPTV sensation as you can see it’s very easy to load it up on to your Roku and then you can watch all kinds of channels from all over the world from multiple countries and multiple languages they have video on-demand so you get all your favorite movies and TV shows it really is a fantastic service so anyways I hope you guys liked this video if you did please give it a big thumbs up and please subscribe to my channel and click that notification bell wherever you may find it that way you don’t miss any episodes as I release them and I am Larry what today I feel like calm thanks for coming back to see me come back and see me soon and until next time love peace and hair grease peace

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