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how about five live IPTV servers for free you you so guys you like free TV you like live TV it’s all about IPTV these days premium TV paid services how about one which is totally free this one is brilliant guys it’s got free UK TV list to us and a pay-per-view streams as well they pretty much aim to have all of them up up grunts sometimes you only have two up but it’ll always be an option there for you they put a lot of work in as a hobby to keep these streams free for you and we can never quit it quick little look and then I’ll show you how to install them sorry about the sound of my voice today and bit of a cold going on flue man flu I don’t think it’s husky huffing it just sounds like I’m dying but we get through this video we get you these in stores you can check them out let me know what you think of them always remember to comment underneath how this works for you guys because having your input helps other people who watch the video whether it’s worth watching or not whether it’s working in any little tips put them underneath make sure you like and share it if it does work and give me a subscribe bottom right corner and you can stay up to date for all the latest add-ons and things coming out okay so this is furious streams okay I’ll put a link to their Twitter underneath as well so you can follow them on Twitter and any support you may need from them it’s pretty simple so you open it up it has got a pin service but the pin is free you have to get off a website but we show you all that later once you open it up this is all you get so you get UK free TV one two three eight and US TV list four and five and then you get your pay-per-view stuff at the bottom okay and everything there you just click on one and then these lists are just full of all your channels okay channel channel channels or use these ITV’s if they’re not there and lots of up obviously one of your main providers companies there I’m not allowed to cut mention on YouTube because they don’t like me very much but I can test some of the channels with judges normal TV to start with I’ll let you test the other ones let me know how they work we need to click one they load okay certain providers I’m not allowed to show they just shut my videos down but I’ll let you have a look on those and again that’s why it’s crucial for you to comment underneath how it works for you okay and the same you can go into a different TV list they will have loads very similar channels but like I say he keeps tries to keep all of them up I’ve got majority a time one will go down why does it work or anything like that but then you get us versions as well so there’s tons and tons and tons and tons of stuff in here guys you’re never gonna go without any TV and we know how hard it is to find live free these days especially witness four or anything like that so this is definitely one to try out because it is free whack it on you Cody okay alright let’s do a quick install so I’m installing on Cody and the latest version of Cody this will install on all cody 17 versions okay first things first guys this is the home screen if you want to build need to find yourself your file manager okay so maybe ask the person who created your build where your file manager is or if you know where it would be under system for all of us on a base skin we need to call icon top left corner flashing blue for you now I never need file manager bottom right okay then you want ad source and then click where it says none in here type h TT p : forward slash forward slash BR et tu es hecho LDS okay there’s a few different URLs to install this from this one to one I found working the best I’ll list a couple of others underneath just in case this one doesn’t work for you but it does work because I’ll show you right now but in case it doesn’t I’ll link another one underneath for you as well a couple more okay for you to try it’s a very short one that’s why I pick this one as well so it’s easy for you guys to follow just make sure it’s all lowercase h TT p : 4/4 / PR et tu s dot h o LD s okay if you need more time pause the guide now guys the rest of us click OK and then enter a name for this media source okay you name it what you want the only thing I’m installing from this URL is furious streams okay so I’ve named it furious streams make sure you can name it what you want but just make sure you remember for the next step then click OK again this point here guys it gives us our opportunity to double check that everything matches and it’s all the same okay once your match is mine click OK and boom we’re through hopefully there you don’t get an error if you’ve got an error pop up there same failed to connect the chances are you type something wrong you may not be connected to the Internet your ISP may be blocking you so check out doc squiffy com4 isp restrictions or you may need a VPN and a VPN can help a lot of these live TV streams especially the free ones so you can get one of them underneath in the links or at the end of the video for everybody else back to our home screen and on our home screen we want add-ons left-hand side ok click on add-ons and then we want the Box icon top left flashing blue for you now see that box then fourth one down install from zip file and I call it furious streams so remember what you called it on that last step click on the one you caught it and we want British repo okay I don’t go anywhere near anything else in this you ll but it’s up to you guys do another look around and then repository British repo okay yours will say British Georgia posit Ori add-on installed so from there you go to install from repository and your brightest builds repository video add-ons and there’s a fair few things in here guys like I say I’m only after furious streams from here or possibly a CFA these two are made by the same people but the fury streams is one where after ten is brilliant ok so click furious streams let me just take mine off click furious streams and then click install then you wait top right corner furious streams add-on installed on every step through that guys you have to wait for that I don’t install bit ok once it’s installed you can go back to your home screen and it be under add-ons or on your home screen go on add-ons video add-ons furious streams ok so you click it there you may be asked for a pin ok I’ve already got my pin which is a bit annoying because I couldn’t actually demonstrate to you how that worked then but we do just follow the link on the pin and if you can’t follow the link on the device you’re watching it on go on a mobile phone or on a web page and then you just click on get pin button bit further down get new pin button then you’ll get a pin in the middle and you just type it in it’s very simple those were very well guys it just gets them a little bit money to pay for their for their URLs everything like that nice and simple ok all their fury streams the live TV aired on to get your pin try it out let me know what you think of it click like click share comment how good it is subscribe to me get a beeping at the end if you need one and I’ll see you all soon cheers folks ok pink for your time guys quick one now at the end is a couple of videos at the bottom for you the top right is your subscribe section top left is up to 46 percent off a VPN so if you fancy a VPN that’s where we get it from ok there’s a 7-day cancellation if it doesn’t work for you so give it a try and make sure you’re secure cheers folks

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  1. Gerald crawford says

    Jim Glimmer asks if this works on kodi 16News is this doesn't even work on kodi17+Maybe one day they will try out the addons first before wasting everybody else time

  2. Cherrelle Alexander says

    My PPV doesn’t work…Help!

  3. Dave Hewitt says

    Thanks George

  4. charles kisling says

    URL's are not working as of 11/15/17… just tried both

  5. kevin shaw says

    Sorry for silly comments yesterday.I don't mean to offend anybody..frustration ?..

  6. Creature NL says

    Link in video doesn't work, link below the vid does 😉 …Omg seriously?? Get a pin everytime you change channel or re-login?? Uninstall!! This is just to gain addon/commercial clicks, good instructrions though

  7. Mark Odonnell says

    Any1 know how I can install f4mtester? Needs it to play this addon. It wont install frm smash, ares or colossus repo. Thanks

  8. big booty says

    pin not working

  9. Shield Pro says

    Can't get PIN ? 🙁

  10. louiekid says

    Doc just tried 4 different pins and nothing, keeps on asking me to get a pin. Can u help or is it down already

  11. mxf2346 says

    Links to channels don't work, tried each one and they are just dead. Even tried changing locations on my VPN, nothing.

  12. Andres Ramos says

    It kept telling me to put the pin and I would go to the site on my box, go back to kodi and put the pin, but it kept asking me for a pin even though I already put one in. Any help?

  13. great legend says

    I have been with NicVPN.com and they are the best in speed, uptime, and cost. Highly recommended.

  14. Kevin Bhola says

    Not working

  15. James Morgan says

    one of your worst! got the pin added it and would not launch
    waste of time!!

  16. WORLD SAT says


  17. scott coleman says

    I hope u read this ive been up all night watchin your video's and and have my phone loaded to the gills its been a blast and i have kodi but this is the freaking best all of it!! Looking forward to the future with these add ons and ive got a Chromecast HELL YEAH..thanks again…..dustin

  18. Sandra Douglas says

    Brett's website keeps timing out when I'm trying to get a pin, any ideas please.

  19. Sandra Douglas says

    Sorry Brettus


    Nice the few us tv live feeds Ive been using are crystal clear! they buffer occasionally but it’s good

  21. THAD YT says

    I keep getting an error message. I'm on the Xbox One

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