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4000 Premium IPTV Channels APK, Firestick and ALL devices, NO KODI! Sept 2017

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1… LiveTV APK –
2… Mouse toggle APK
Many thanks for /user/riesdepies from Reddit for the APK.

Buy the Amazon Firestick used in this video –

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  1. TechDoctorUK says

    Got another amazing APK for Sports & LiveTV – watch here https://youtu.be/DvPbzoCxQCs ? ? ?

  2. All_games_master_ says

    Wow! It really has no ads !!!!!

  3. tina norgrove says

    Happy birthday.

  4. Quantum Z says


  5. W Racer says

    Nice Work Once Again But got little issue here, for future updates ok the apk, where do we get it from ? I can see this apk is modded to remove the ads. Do you know the direct souce for future apk updates ? Installed it, crashes alot aswell..

  6. Shaz says

    Thanks!!! Liked and shared

  7. Simmy Sarkaria says

    nice application thanks techd 😀

  8. Rich B says

    Great vid td ??

  9. Titus Thompson says

    Any applications for home desktops?

  10. Yommyfaces Shomo says

    Thanks for uploading this video, just installed on Android devices and it works exceptionally.
    Quick question, can the url work with smart iptv app on my Samsung curve TV?

  11. Sodie_Dodie900 says

    It works ? thank you so much for this dude!

  12. Shannon Bevel says

    How can I install this apk onto my mag254w1 box ? Thanks

  13. Adoni Stapleton says

    I installed the app on my android box. Can I use my remote to toggle through the channels. I tried but it's not working. Must I have an air mouse in order to toggle through the channels?

  14. David Brenchley says

    Some channels there is no sound.

  15. Ronell Beavers says

    I Must Say…So Far, So Good!!! It's Sept, 16 2017 And Everything Is Running Fine…So Far!

  16. joanna lynn says

    i worked the toggle…thank you…

  17. R VH says

    Bro, Amazing app. All channels running…

  18. R VH says

    Bro, Now am like n sub.. one more, this app share to my friends …. Thanks for your reply…

  19. Eustachi Pustachi says

    Why is there no sound on some channels?

  20. Robert Garcia says

    Doesn't work says No mUrl and crashes

  21. Joshua Davis says

    I did everything you said and when the app loads up its blank smh there are no channels

  22. Bob John says

    Please which paid website or iptv is good for football streaming

  23. Bob John says

    How can I installed it on Android TV box.
    I'm using MI box

  24. Natasha Doherty says

    is there another mouse to download? my internet provider is blocking the web address to download the mouse

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