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Hey guys welcome back now created a post recently asking what kind of videos do you wanna see next to on free IPTV free movies and TV show a pk’s Kodi add-ons Kodi builds or something on iPhones and iPads and as we can see with the results on the screen the majority of you are looking for free IPTV apks so in this video today I’m gonna be showing you how you can get great free IPTV which works perfectly fine on your fire stick or fire TV or any Android device in fact it works on any device including iPhones and iPads as long as they can support and m3u playlists but before I start I did mention in my last video that the first five people to leave the comment 2018 the year of the apk I’ll give you a mention in my next video so all of the names you can see in the screen right now I want to give a shout out to and say thanks make sure you watch this video to the end to find out how you could feature in my next video so it’s all of that being said let’s get started okay so the good thing is with the method I’m gonna show you on a fire stick or fire TV you don’t need to install any external apks all you need to install is something that’s available on the normal Amazon App Store and if you are doing this on an Android TV box or an Android phone or an Android tablet you could find this application called perfect player and then follow the steps in this video but on a fire stick or fire TV we can go search with application so I’m just gonna press the search key on my remote perfect player and here is the application guys when it’s tool that now let’s click on that and let’s click on install or download so this is an IPTV Player which supports m3u playlists as well as some other formats so that’s what I’m gonna be using in its demonstration and it is also available on all formats now on an iPhone or iPad you can just search through the App Store for m3u player and as plenty of options out there if you want to do this on your computer you can just download VLC and that supports m3u playlists so you can watch all of the channels I’m going to show you on your computer as well ok so start the application up and the good thing is because this is available on Amazon App Store you can use it perfectly fine with just a normal remote control you don’t need to install any Mouse toggle or anything like that ok so the application has a very basic interface if I just totally take throw it so the here on the right you’ve got the settings next to that you’ve got the Refresh they need to refresh the playlist or refresh the channels this is what you’ll click on ok so the first thing I want to do is go into settings okay so under general you have the option to add in the m3u playlist so it’s going to that now and click on that ok and address if you want to type in is HTTP colon forward slash forward slash bit ly for /td UK IPTV 99 let’s type that in and click on next and let’s click on OK ok now when you press back here and back again and we can see that’s now refresh in a playlist and this should now download the channels for us to view and we can see this over 1,700 channels from around the world for us to use lots and lots of great content guys so lots of international channels lots of USA channels literally just lots and lots of everything and let me just take you through some of these channels just so you can see what’s currently working what the quality is like and what’s what hey let’s try an HK world got it’s wacky Friant now that’s also a 720p stream there now the good thing is you can use this like a cable TV so if I press up and down on the remote that automatically change to the next channels if I press down for example we can see that tries to change to 24 news let’s see if that’s working and that’s working absolutely fine and we can see that’s actually a 1080p stream there so if you do press up or down on the remote you will basically navigate to the next channel if you wanna bring up the channel list again just press the select button on your remote let me press that now okay so let’s try Christmas fireplace channel Oh hohoho I guess it is okay let’s let’s work you fine let’s go down quite a bit let’s try ABC News that’s what you find let’s try some of the international channels more and let’s try some Canada TV let’s go for let’s go for some CPAC that’s what you find last year a couple of UK channels destroy party UK it’s working fine London live it’s already over though I could as a channel that’s fine QVC and just a gentle reminder guys if you are finding these videos useful do hit that thumbs up and please subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest apks the latest builds and the latest add-ons thanks so you can see you guys pretty much every channel I’m trying it’s working we’re already seeing any buffering a lot the channels are in 720p or greater so it’s with pretty good guys I think for a free service I think this is pretty good I’m obviously is never going to be good as a paid service and if you are that person I wanted to pay for IPTV there are plenty of good options out there but definitely for free stuff but is actually really good and as previously mentioned this works on all devices so as long as your device supports at m3u playlist you can use this lists are found and access all this great content for free right if there’s anybody still watching my video at this stage I want you to need the comment below TD UK let’s be friends and the first five people to do that I’ll give you a shout-out in my next video so let’s do that that’s all for this video guys many thanks for watching do leave me a comment below let me know if this work for you I’m hoping with all the channels that this has there will be something in there for everybody I let me know how you find it and hopefully catch up with you guys real soon thanks that’s it guys I hope you found that video useful give me a thumbs up if you did comment below let me know if this worked for you and please subscribe for more content thanks again for watching guys oh and if you’re interested in a VPN if you click on that link on the bottom left you’ll get a great 46 percent discount if you are worried about your privacy and you want to stay safe online I do recommend you check out our VPN thanks again guys see you on the next video

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    Most of the stuff you put out only work a week or two put more reliable stuff man I used to be a subscriber not anymore all these iptv you put out are crap work a week or 2 some never

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    Anyone know a good IOS app for this

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    Thank u ?

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    At least reply when something comes wrong say something when told there is a problem not just ignore

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    Hi, I have just recently bought a Sony Android TV and I know next to nothing about Kodi or IPTV. What do I have to do to watch those IPTV channels on my TV? Do you need a firestick (I'm not sure what that is btw) when you have an android smart TV? Would installing some apps from Google Playstore be enough? Do I have to subscribe to any service? Sorry about the questions, I am a complete novice and it seems that the more I read about these stuff the more I get confused. Your help would be appreciated greatly. Thanks.

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